Extended Car Warranty - Trusted Car Warranty

Roberti Automotive provides comprehensive warranty packages for your used cars, in coordination with our Service Department. Avoid the risk of expensive repairs by entrusting us with the service, and let the warranty cover the costs!

Used Vehicle Protection Plans

New cars may have manufacturer warranties, but after they expire, breakdown costs become your responsibility. A Used Vehicle Protection Plan can assist in covering repair expenses.

Repair Coverage

Our warranty plans range from basic coverage of a vehicle’s most expensive components to comprehensive options that can match a manufacturer’s basic factory warranty. We offer coverage that suits your needs and budget.

Road Side Assistance

Repairs often come unannounced, and their timing can be just as unpredictable. Our Roadside Assistance service is here to support you no matter where you find yourself. Whether you require a refill to reach the next gas station or need towing assistance to a repair shop, we’re here for you wherever you are.